Monday, August 22, 2011


Zip's been waiting for two years to go to kindergarten, and tomorrow is the day.

Yesterday I was sick in bed, and he came up to me frequently, pet me on my head and said, "I'm sorry you're sick. I love you. Tomorrow you're going to have to be better." - Tomorrow being the day I would take him to meet his kindergarten teacher and enroll him in the grade school he's so patiently waited to join his brother in for nearly half his life!

That was today, and I was better, and he got assigned to the classroom he's been telling me all week he'd get. Which is good, because he's very willful, and I wasn't sure at all how the conversation would go had he not gotten the classroom he'd said he was getting. As it was, the conversation went something like, "See, I told you so!"

It was exciting.

His brother imparted all of the wisdom that only a seven year old could impart in preparing him for what to expect. Like, "Don't misbehave on the rainbow rug or you'll never ever get moved from the red square." Or, "You're so lucky you're in room two that shares a bathroom with room three, because if you were in room five you'd have to pee outside."

He found his cubby and was relieved to discover he isn't the only Z name - though there's still a chance he'll change his name to John midway through the year.

He weighed and measured himself, and wrote down his vitals, noting there are a lot more girls in this class than in his old school. I reminded him that that wasn't surprising considering there was only one girl in his classroom at his old school. I got the sense he wasn't sure quite what to make of the room full of glistening sequins and twirling tu-tu's, but he seemed pleased just the same.

He made sure to tell his teacher that he's allergic to wheat, and that he's not in the grades but he is in the grade school, and that he can read the "BOB" books all by himself.

Then he ran out the back door to the playground and immediately found his best friend from camp. He was happy to see him, though they'll never see each other in school, because the camp friend's in room three in the afternoon kindergarten, and Zip's in room two in the morning kindergarten - But it doesn't really matter, because at least he was someone he knew. And who knows - Maybe they'll cross paths in the bathroom.

Tonight he beamed up at me from his bed, and said, "Mom, I love you. You know I'm so happy to finally be going to kindergarten. I've been waiting for my whole life to get to do this!"


Jessica said...

Oh, how sweet!

You know, my BFF is dealing w/ this right now--her little girl is going off to public school. Both of them are filled with fear. I wish all kids were as welcoming of the experience as Zip.

"[His] whole life," huh? :)

Vodka Mom said...

I am so excited for him!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

How sweet! I hope he keeps loving it.

justmakingourway said...

SO exciting!!
Pixie starts on Tuesday! They pushed it back a week due to Hurricane Irene - but it is finally about to really be here. She is very excited too.

Hope things are well with all of you!


Captain Dumbass said...

Hope everything is still just as magical two weeks later. My monkey's just started this week.

Casey said...

That is adorable that he was so excited! I hope kindergarten is everything he hoped it would be...